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Wanting Luo

User Experience Designer

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I am looking for an opportunity that I can contribute from a design thinking perspective to improve the user experience of service or product, as well as improve my design capability. 


I’m a recent graduate from Master of Design program in University of Cincinnati. I’m also a design research associate with great passion about user experience research and design in Live Well Collaborative, an Innovation Lab collaborated between University of Cincinnati and P&G.

Have been working with different client in the design industry for one year (part time+full time) I’m very familiar with user research, translating the requirements of a product into workflow, organizing information, task analysis, sketches, wireframes, usability test, and prototype.

I’m also comfortable with graphic design, html & css and woking within a multidisciplinary team.

I believe a great product should be useful, usable and desirable. That’s what I’m trying to achieve.